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American-Made Benches, Hall Seats, Dining Nooks, and Trunks

At A&J Woodworking, handcrafting wood furniture is our passion. We are part of a culture steeped in tradition, raised to use our hands to work hard, and give nothing less than our best. Our parents pass on to us skills and trades that have survived for many generations, and we strive to carry on that legacy by building quality, heirloom style furniture. Our benches, chests, and other custom-made items honor the Mission and Arts & Crafts styles for which or forefathers are known. By combining designs that have stood the test of time with our own visions of beauty, we offer unique pieces that are exclusive to A&J Woodworking.

Our Mission benches are characterized by straight lines, cut-outs, and mortise and tenon joinery, all styles born of the American Craftsman movement. In the tradition of these pioneers, A&J Mission-style benches are tastefully simple works of art. Benches are our specialty. Over the years we have developed new and unique variations to our benches, and developed our line to feature a wide variety of hardwood furniture. Our nook dining sets offer your customers a space-saving and beautiful alternative to traditional dining sets, while also offering additional storage space. In the tradition of furniture created in the Midwest, function meets remarkable design features to create charming dining nooks built to withstand years of daily use. Our benches, dining nooks, and other products are all built to last, with careful attention to detail and design. To view our full product line follow the catalog link featured above. 

If you are interested in learning more about our products, contact us at the information above. We sincerely hope your customers enjoy living with our furniture as much as we have enjoyed creating it. 

A&J Woodworking Baltimore Hall Seat
Baltimore Hall Seat
A&J Woodworking Carolina Hall Seat
Carolina Hall Seat
A&J Woodworking Lattice Weave Cubby Shelf and Bench
Lattice Weave Cubby Shelf and Bench
A&J Woodworking Lattice Weave Drawer Bench
Lattice Weave Drawer Bench
A&J Woodworking Modesto Bookcase
Modesto Bookcase
A&J Woodworking Modesto Hall Seat
Modesto Hall Seat
A&J Woodworking Trunk w/ Flat Lid
Trunk w/ Flat Lid
A&J Woodworking Two-Door Modesto Bench
Two-Door Modesto Bench
A&J Woodworking Savannah Hall Seat
Savannah Hall Seat
A&J Woodworking Westfield Bench
Westfield Bench
A&J Woodworking Newbury Bench
Newbury Bench

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