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American Made Dining and Office Chairs

At Artisan Chair we manufacture a wide variety of American-made dining and office chairs. We understand that each customer comes with different preferences, styles, and needs. Since we began building chairs we have understood the importance of having a strong line to fit each customer’s specific needs, leading us to grow our line to feature over 80 styles of dining room and office chairs. Also, by working together with our fellow Indiana Craftsmen we are able to pair our chairs with beautiful dining tables for your customers’ convenience.

With each of our unique styles comes the freedom to customize each chair to match the dining table of your choice. Customizing your chair is made easy with our catalog, showcasing our different edge, fabric, and foot rest options to perfectly match your chairs with the dining table. Also, by focusing on dining and office chairs we are able to run an incredibly efficient shop, having all chairs ready for the finish shop within 3 to 5 weeks.

To view our full line of dining and office chairs view our catalog at the link above, or contact us for more information. We would love to talk with you! 

Artisan Chair Yorkland Side Dining Chair
Yorkland Side Chair
Artisan Chairs Dawn Side Chair
Dawn Side Chair
Artisan Chairs Ellington Side Chair
Ellington Side Chair
Artisan Chairs Abilene Side Chair
Abilene Side Chair
Artisan Chairs Batavia Side Chair
Batavia Side Chair
Artisan Chairs Brookville Swivel Bar Stool
Brookville Swivel Bar Stool
Artisan Chairs Canterbury Arm Chair
Canterbury Arm Chair
Artisan Chairs Canterbury Desk Chair
Canterbury Desk Chair
Artisan Chairs Coronado Side Chair
Coronado Side Chair
Artisan Chairs Galena Side Chair
Galena Side Chair
Artisan Chairs Kenwood Arm Chair
Kenwood Arm Chair
Artisan Chairs Preston Swivel Bar Stool
Preston Swivel Bar Stool
Artisan Chairs Sierra Arm Chair
Sierra Arm Chair
Artisan Chairs Warren Arm Chair
Warren Arm Chair
Artisan Chairs Woodstock Arm Chair
Woodstock Arm Chair

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