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Ronks | Pennsylvania

American-made Pine Furniture

At Country Woodshop we are dedicated to bringing our dealers quality, American-made pine furniture at an affordable price. We started off as a modest woodturning shop in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but we noticed a need for quality pine furniture in nearby shops. We soon began manufacturing small hutches and benches for retailers in Lancaster County, and over the next 5 years we would develop our line to feature dozens of hutches, benches, tables, and even full dining sets. 

As we develop our line we have learned to take our dealers’ advice, and respond to the demand for certain pieces of furniture. We work very closely with our buyers to ensure we are manufacturing a product that works for their shops. In fact, many of the pieces in our 2016 line were suggestions from buyers. We also have representatives in all of the New England states to serve our buyers, and update them on product changes and specifications. 

If you are interested in becoming a buyer, please feel free to contact us at the information above, or by filling out the form below. We would love to talk to you!

Country Woodshop 1 Door Pie Safe
1 Door Pie Safe
Country Woodshop 2 Door Server
2 Door Server
Country Woodshop 2 Door Hutch
2 Door Hutch
Country Woodshop 3 Peg Pine Shelf
3 Peg Pine Shelf
Country Woodshop 4 Foot Pine Bench
4 Foot Pine Bench
Country Woodshop 31" Pine Cabinet
31" Pine Cabinet
Country Woodshop Black Step Stool
Black Step Stool
Country Woodshop Pine Dining Set with Maple Top
Pine Dining Set with Maple Top
Country Woodshop Kitchen Island with Stools
Kitchen Island with Stools
Country Woodshop Kitchen Island with Wine Rack
Kitchen Island with Wine Rack
Country Woodshop Star Shelf
Star Shelf
Country Woodshop Pine Trash Bin
Pine Trash Bin

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