F&N Woodworking
LaGrange | Indiana

American-made Office and Dining Chairs

An innovator of hardwood chair design, F&N Woodworking began manufacturing office and dining chairs in 1995. Started by Freeman Miller, this family owned and operated business has pioneered its way to bring their customers a wide range of furniture styles, with a chair to fit every taste and environment. While F&N’s wholesale chair catalog is vast, each chair is manufactured with an emphasis on comfort, quality materials, and superior Amish craftsmanship.

As you are browsing F&N’s products be sure to ask about their Quick Ship Program! This program was expanded in 2019, and now ensures F&N Woodworking’s buyers that 17 of their most popular chairs will always be in stock and ready to ship to the finish shop. Please feel free to contact F&N Woodworking for a price list if you are interested in carrying them at your store. If you are looking to buy retail, use the buy local link to find a store near you.

F&N Woodworking Norfolk Bar Chair
Norfolk Bar Chair
F&N Woodworking Raleigh Bar Chair
Raleigh Bar Chair
F&N Woodworking Bailey Side Chair
Bailey Side Chair
F&N Woodworking Maple City Side Chair
Maple City Side Chair
F&N Woodworking Coby Bar Stool
Coby Bar Stool
F&N Woodworking Eco Side Chair
Eco Side Chair
F&N Woodworking Galena Dining Chair
Galena Side Chair
F&N Woodworking Houghton Dining Chair
Houghton Side Chair
F&N Woodworking Sheldon Dining Chair
Sheldon Side Chair
F&N Woodworking Sherwood Dining Chair
Sherwood Side Chair
F&N Woodworking Theodore Dining Chair
Theodore Side Chair
F&N Woodworking Bristow Arm Chair
Bristow Arm Chair
F&N Woodworking Raleigh Swivel Bar Chair
Raleigh Swivel Bar Chair

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