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American-Made Playground Equipment and Outdoor Furniture

At Kinzer Woodworking our goal is to build safe and long lasting playsets that stimulate children’s imaginations in new ways every day. We build playsets that are “Not the Ordinary,” offering children a truly unique playing experience.

Each step we take in the manufacturing process ensures the quality and safety of our playsets and outdoor furniture. We mill each piece of our quality lumber smooth, and round corners to reduce the danger of splinters. We also use stainless steel fasteners in all of our playsets to prevent rusting. We also understand that a child’s imagination is an incredible thing, and build each playset to get your child’s imagination going while promoting physical activity. Whether they are pretending to fly a helicopter, drive a dump truck, or operating a fire truck, we have a play set that they will enjoy for years.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer please feel free to contact us at the information on our page, we would love to speak with you!

Kinzer Woodworking Bulldozer Play Set
Bulldozer Play Set
Kinzer Woodworking Helicopter Playset
#1600 Helicopter Playset
Kinzer Woodworking 8x18 Pirate Ship
New Product! 8x18 Pirate Ship
Kinzer Woodworking 6 Foot Chalet Glider
6 Foot Chalet Glider
Kinzer Woodworking 6 Foot Garden Glider
6 Foot Garden Glider
Kinzer Woodworking 8x14 Play Ship
8x14 Play Ship
Kinzer Woodworking 12 ft. Kinzer Gazebo w/ 6 Gliders
12 ft. Kinzer Gazebo w/ 6 Gliders
Kinzer Woodworking #500 Fire Truck Play Set
#500 Fire Truck Play Set
Kinzer Woodworking #1500 Ladder Fire Truck Play Set
#1500 Ladder Fire Truck Play Set
Kinzer Woodworking Castle Play Set
Castle Play Set
Kinzer Woodworking Bull Dozer Play Set
Bull Dozer Play Set
Kinzer Woodworking School Bus
School Bus
Kinzer Woodworking 8x10 Dream Fort
8x10 Dream Fort
Kinzer Woodworking Fire Truck Play Set
Fire Truck Play Set
Kinzer Woodworking "Kinzer" Gazebo w/ 4 Gliders
"Kinzer" Gazebo w/ 4 Gliders