Kirkwood Wheels & Crafts
Kirkwood | Pennsylvania

American-made Wagons, Carts, Wheels, Chicken Coops, and Chandeliers

At Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts we began buliding garden wagons, planter, wagon wheels, chandeliers, and other home decor in 1999. Now a second generation business, we continue to build each piece of home decor with the quality our father taught us. 

Our garden wagons are built with cedar wood, making them extremely durable to the elements. Wagon wheels are built to the specifications found in traditional wagon wheels, and are put together using mortise and tenon technology to ensure a strong, lasting fit. Also, we understand that each customer may have a unique taste that one of our many options doesn't perfectly fit, so we welcome custom orders on all of our wheels. 

Three years ago we introduced our line of Roll-Easy Chicken Coops, and we have been getting a great response from retail stores and their customers. To move these chicken coops, simply lift the counter-balanced wheelbarrow style hands, and push it into the desired location. Outfitted with our large wooden wagon wheels, the chicken coop rolls easily, even over rough pasture terrains. We currently offer three models that can be featured in 16 different colors. 

If you are interested in learning more about our products or becoming a buyer please feel free to contact us at the information on our page, we would love to talk to you!

Buy Wholesale and Retail Online- We would be more than happy to facilitate all of your wholesale needs in-house, however we do have a few online avenues for you to do your purchasing. Simply follow the links below to begin shopping. - Buy Wholesale and Retail online from Amish Craft. - By retail online from Dutch Crafters, or visit them at their physical location in Sarasota, Florida. - By wholesale and retail online from R&P Trading.

Kirkwood Wheel and Crafts 24" Dark Walnut Candle Holder Chandelier
24" Dark Walnut Candle Holder Chandelier
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts 504 Buckboard Wagon
504 Buckboard Wagon
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts 507 Hitch Wagon
507 Hitch Wagon
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts 509 Peddler Cart
509 Peddler Cart
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts 511 One-Half Scale Cannon
511 One-Half Scale Cannon
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts 513 Wheelbarrow
513 Wheelbarrow
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts 514 Gun Cart
514 Gun Cart (Holds 5 Guns)
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts 552 32" Chandelier with Antique Brass Fixtures
552 32" Chandelier with Antique Brass Fixtures
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts Crow House Chicken Coop
Crow House Chicken Coop
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts Metal Wheels Assorted Sizes
Metal Wheels Assorted Sizes
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts Quaker Chicken Coop
Quaker Chicken Coop
Kirkwood Wheels and Crafts Ornamental Wagon Wheels
Ornamental Wagon Wheels