Lanco Sheds
New Holland | Pennsylvania

Wood and Vinyl Storage Sheds and Buildings

Lanco Sheds, established by Sam King, has been offering quality built sheds since 1998.  His desire was to offer a “top of the line” shed with superior quality and infinite choices to suit any customer.  That desire has been the standard for 20 years and sets the bar high for all structures at Lanco Sheds including all wooden and vinyl sheds.

We offer a variety of building styles with extensive paint and vinyl colors or make every effort to supply a customized color to suit. Our vinyl is offered in a Dutch Lap or D-4 Traditional Profile and our wooden structures are built with a 5/8” DuraTemp as opposed to the standard ½” materials.  A popular feature we offer is Tech Shield which is a 15/32” radiant barrier to ward off extreme inside heat.  Lanco Sheds uses the highest quality building materials and remains alert to any new products that might be beneficial in any way to the manufacturing process.  We practice consistent quality control and carefully fulfill custom orders.

At Lanco Sheds we control our own fleet of trucks, making the shipping of our products extremely flexible. By planning all of our manufacturing and shipping in-house we are able to shorten our lead time, as well as deal with special shipping requests in a manner that isn't possible for many shed builders. 

Lanco Sheds stands behind its product and takes customer satisfaction seriously.  We offer an above average product with timely shipping and attentive office support.  If you are interested in joining our family of dealers, please contact us for further info.

Lanco Sheds Quaker Storage Shed
Quaker Storage Shed
Lanco Sheds Wall barn
6' Wall Barn
Lanco Sheds A-Frame Storage Shed
A-Frame Storage Shed
Lanco Sheds Budget Storage Shed
Budget Storage Shed
Lanco Sheds Cape Storage Shed
Cape Storage Shed
Lanco Sheds Cape Storage Shed
Cape Storage Shed
Lanco Sheds Economy Storage Shed
Economy Storage Shed
Lanco Sheds Garage
Lanco Sheds Heritage Storage Shed
Heritage Storage Shed
Lanco Sheds Horse Barn
Horse Barn
Lanco Sheds New England Storage Shed
New England Storage Shed

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