Quality Cupolas, Weathervanes, Mailboxes, and More!

Royal Crowne Accents’ cupolas and weathervanes are handcrafted in New Holland, Pennsylvania, deep in the heart of Lancaster County. Owned and operated by three generations of Amish, Royal Crowne Outdoor Accents has been manufacturing cupolas and other outdoor décor since 1980.

Over the last 30 years we have honed our craft to produce the highest quality cupolas on the market. Our cupola selection includes maintenance free cellular pvc-vinyl cupolas that are rot, moisture, and insect resistant. These cupolas are extremely durable, and come with a Royal Crown’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. We also offer cupolas featuring high quality wood species, including western red cedar and premium grade white pine. Also, our cupolas are engineer drawn and approved, and are wind rated to withstand winds up to 120 MPH. Regardless of your customer’s preference, we have a premade or custom cupola option to beautifully accent their shed, garage, or other building.

The Royal Crowne line of outdoor accents goes beyond cupolas, offering your customers quality weathervanes, mailboxes, birdfeeders, and more. These products are available in premade colors or stains, or fully customized to your customers’ preferences. Custom signs and address numbers are just a few of the customization options we offer to make these products unique and perfect for each customer.

To view all of our products and customization options view our catalog at the link above, or visit our website. If you are interested in becoming a dealer please contact us at the information above, or fill out the form below. 

Ridge Craft Birdfeeders
Ridge Craft Carlisle Cupola
Carlisle Cupola
Ridge Craft Dalton Cupola
Dalton Cupola
Ridge Craft Dover Mailbox
Dover Mailbox
Ridge Craft Fairfield Cupola
Fairfield Cupola
Ridge Craft Hartford Mailbox
Hartford Mailbox
Ridge Craft Lincoln Lantern
Lincoln Lantern
Ridge Craft Madison Plus Mailbox
Madison Mailbox
Ridge Craft Polaris Cupola
Polaris Cupola
Ridge Craft Providence Plus Mailbox
Providence Plus Mailbox
Ridge Craft Trenton Lantern Post
Trenton Lantern Post
Ridge Craft Waterford Cupola
Waterford Cupola
Ridge Craft Winchester Cupola
Winchester Cupola

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