J&J Woodworks
Ronks | Pennsylvania

Maple and Pine Furniture

Since 1989, J&J Woodworks has crated fine American-made furniture in an array of styles. We are a family owned business, with three generations of woodworkers committed to handcrafted quality. From construction to finishing, each piece of J&J furniture is built with attention to detail by experienced craftsmen. We specialize in maple and pine furniture and our line features 

We sell exclusively to dealers throughout the United States, and take great pride in the tradition of our American-made furniture. We are prominently located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a hotbed for quality wholesale goods and an ideal location to ship to the east and west coast. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to become a dealer. 

J&J Woodworks 4' Maple Kitchen Island
4' Maple Kitchen Island
J&J Woodworks Large Server w/ Two Door Hutch
Large Server w/ Two Door Hutch Top
J&J Woodworks Large Server w/ Glass Doors
Large Server w/ Glass Doors
J&J Woodworks Large Bookcase
Large Bookcase
J&J Woodworks Hall Bench
Hall Bench
J&J Woodworks Kitchen Cart
Kitchen Cart
J&J Woodworks 4' Kitchen Island
4' Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top
J&J Woodworks Hunt Board
Hunt Board
J&J Woodworks Hunt Board
Hunt Board w/ Pewter Finish
J&J Woodworks Small Server
Small Server
J&J Large Bookcase
Large Bookcase and Farm Table w/ Chairs

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