Miller Bedrooms
Millersburg | Ohio

Quality Hardwood Bedroom Suties

At Miller Bedrooms we take the term “family owned” to heart. Our manufacturing shop is located right on the Miller farm, our home for five generations. Many seasons have come and gone, but we only grow fonder of our farm as it ages. Within the spirit of our timeless farm, we started Miller Bedrooms in 1998; handcrafted furniture, right on the family farm. Our solid hardwood bedroom furniture suites, carefully shaped and assembled by our craftsmen, come to you bearing the Miller family name.

When the Miller family sees a tree they see God’s handiwork, and the means to honor him by using that tree to craft a strong, useful, and beautiful piece of bedroom furniture. But owner Myron and his craftsmen know that building the furniture is only half the story. We strive to provide service above and beyond the ordinary, satisfying our dealer’s every need as they go through the buying process. At Miller Bedrooms customers are always first, a way to make a living second.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a dealer, contact us at the information above. We would love to speak with you, and build a successful partnership. 

Miller Bedrooms Bridgeport Day Seat
Bridgeport Day Seat
Miller Bedrooms Bridgeport Lingerie Chest
Bridgeport Lingerie Chest
Miller Bedrooms Kingston Bed
Kingston Bed
Miller Bedrooms Kingston Sideboard
Kingston Sideboard
Miller Bedrooms Marcella One Drawer Nightstand
Marcella One Drawer Nightstand
Miller Bedrooms 48" Deluxe TV Cabinet
48" Deluxe TV Cabinet
Miller Bedrooms Mission Man's Chest
Mission Man's Chest
Miller Bedrooms Park Avenue 48" TV Cabinet
Park Avenue 48" TV Cabinet
Miller Bedrooms Park Avenue Queen Bed
Park Avenue Queen Bed
Miller Bedrooms Roxbury Low Dresser
Roxbury Low Dresser
Pilgrim Collection Rustic Barnwood Occasionals
Pilgrim Collection Rustic Barnwood Occasionals
Roxbury Bed with Legacy Maple Rustic Smooth Stain
Roxbury Bed with Legacy Maple Rustic Smooth Stain