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Over the past year it has been my pleasure to work with dozens of wholesale companies dedicated to manufacturing American-made products. Being this close to these manufacturers has reinforced my belief in the quality of these products, and the service that comes with them. 

Each year reports show an increase in customer loyalty to American-made products, and when given an option an astounding number of consumers would choose American-made even at a higher price. A recent Consumer Reports study shows that 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one. Also, over 60% say they are willing to pay 10% more for and American-made product. This poses the question, how will our market keep up with the demand for American-made goods?

This demand can be partially satisfied by the thousands of manufacturing jobs returning to the United States. Labor costs are leveling worldwide, bringing China’s labor costs just 10% below that of America ( This small difference in savings encourages companies to manufacture on US soil to avoid shipping delays and lower quality standards. Secondly, this demand can be satisfied by retail stores committing to buying American-made, and giving consumers the products they are searching for.

The wholesale manufacturers featured on our site have been committed to American-made products since they opened their doors. To browse these manufacturers follow the link below, and contact them with any inquiries. 

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Hello, my name's nate

Introducing Nate Hoskins, our newest member to the All American team! Nate joined us earlier this year to take on the task of starting up our newest project, All American Wholesalers, Your online trade show for all American-Made products.

Nate graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a BS in Marketing in May of 2014 and came to us looking for a challenging marketing position. Born and raised in Lancaster County he shares our strong work ethics and values. We are delighted to have him with us and look forward to him taking All American Wholesalers to a level that will increase the availability, sales and appreciation of American made products everywhere.

Nate recently married his high school sweetheart, Tasha, and lives in Narvon, PA. His hobbies and other interests include tennis, snowboarding, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Nate will keep you up to date with American made products, news, and special offers through the All American Wholesalers Blog. Feel free to comment on his blogs or write to him directly with your thoughts and feedback.