Honey Brook | Pennsylvania

Hardwood Furniture & Picture Frames

Handcrafted, finely detailed woodwork— expect nothing less than the highest quality designs, craftsmanship and materials from East Side. We deliver on a promise of exceptional wood creations for the home— for anyone who appreciates the fine art of woodworking at the hands of true artists. East Side artisans take the natural beauty of wood and transform it into an array of products from custom frames to our collection of fine custom furniture. Each collection is wonderfully sculpted by dedicated craftspeople who skillfully blend old world techniques with the latest in technology.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S., East Side is everything wonderful about wood.Contact us at the information above or by filling out the form below to learn more about carrying our products at your store. 

Eastside Frames Rustic Storage Crates
Rustic Storage Crates
Eastside Frames Trash Can Storage
Trash Can Storage
Eastside Frames Primitive Picture Frames
Primitive Picture Frames
Eastside Frames Pottersburg Bridge Print
Pottersburg Bridge Print in Tobacco Lathe Frame
Eastside Frames Small Bookshelf
Small Tobacco Lath Bookshelf
Eastside Frames Sunshine Print
Sunshine Print in Tobacco Lathe Frame
Eastside Frames Wintery Weather Framed Print
Wintery Weather Print in Tobacco Lath Frame
Eastside Frames Chandelier
Eastside Frames Got Milk Tobacco Lath Print
Got Milk Tobacco Lath Framed Print
Eastside Frames Rustic Rebar Storage Shelf
Rustic Rebar Storage Shelf

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