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Honey Brook | Pennsylvania

Rustic Tobacco Lathe Crafts and Custom Framing

At Eastside Frames we have been producing beautiful custom picture frames and tobacco lathe crafts for over 25 years. Our line of tobacco lath crafts are made from materials that are naturally weathered from years of use. This ensures that each piece has its own unique character unlike any other, and offers your customers a unique addition to the inside or outside of their home. Products range from tobacco lathe frames with sourced artwork to outdoor benches and wheelbarrows. We also manufacture a line of tastefully rustic picture frames that are each hand made, ensuring the highest level of detail and quality. Our full line of 18 unique collections come in dozens of colors, ensuring that you'll find the perfect match for your work of art. 

Our lines of tobacco lathe crafts and primitive picture frames are all available for large orders, and can also be drop shipped straight to your customers! Contact us at the information above or by filling out the form below to learn more about carrying our products at your store. 

Meta Wood Collection 48 in. Hall Table
48 in. Hall Table
Meta Wood Collection 52 in. TV Stand
52 in. TV Stand
Eastside Frames Rustic Storage Crates
Rustic Storage Crates
Eastside Frames Tobacco Lathe Sleds
Tobacco Lathe Sleds
Eastside Frames Tobacco Lathe Sled
Tobacco Lathe Sled
Eastside Frames Wood Panel Print
Wood Panel Print
Eastside Frames Trash Can Storage
Trash Can Storage
Meta Wood Collection Rebar Ladder
Rebar Ladder
Eastside Frames Primitive Picture Frames
Primitive Picture Frames
Eastside Frames Amazing Grace Wood Panel Print
Amazing Grace Wood Panel Print
Eastside Frames Pottersburg Bridge Print
Pottersburg Bridge Print in Tobacco Lathe Frame
Eastside Frames Small Bookshelf
Small Tobacco Lath Bookshelf
Eastside Frames Small Tobacco Lath Star
Small Tobacco Lath Star
Eastside Frames Sunshine Print
Sunshine Print in Tobacco Lathe Frame
Eastside Frames Wheelbarrow Planter
Wheelbarrow Planter
Eastside Frames Window Box Planter
Window Box Planter
Eastside Frames Wintery Weather Framed Print
Wintery Weather Print in Tobacco Lath Frame
Eastside Frames Chandelier
Eastside Frames 3 Tier Shelf
3 Tier Tobacco Lath Shelf
Eastside Frames Got Milk Tobacco Lath Print
Got Milk Tobacco Lath Framed Print
Eastside Frames Wheelbarrow Planter
Wheelbarrow Planter
Eastside Frames Rustic Rebar Storage Shelf
Rustic Rebar Storage Shelf
Meta Wood Collection 6 ft. Bookcase
6 ft. Bookcase
Meta Wood Collection Waterfall Hall Desk
Waterfall Hall Desk

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