Drive Sales to Local Business

In this week’s post we discuss some ways to attract local customers to your brick and mortar retail store. Some of these are classics, some may be new to you. Either way, I hope this post can help you build your business, and get more customers in to your store!

One classic way to drive sales to your store is to hold an event, in my years in the business I have seen this work time and time again. This doesn’t just mean running a sale. Holding a themed event with free food and giveaways alongside a sale goes a long way; never underestimate the power of free food! This can drive hundreds of customers to your store in a single day, and by advertising the event you can attract new customers who may not have heard of you.

Another great way to increase sales is to set up a Google “My Business” account. My Business allows you to appear front and center when people are searching for local businesses in your industry. Google automatically provides pictures of your business that you provide, all of your contact information, and gives customers the opportunity rate your business. Rather than having to click on your website to find your location, customer can be sent straight to Google Maps from your “My Business” advertisement. Best of all, it’s free!

If you are competing with multiple businesses close to you, you can also utilize Google Ad Words. Advertising with Google Ad Words allows you to boost your website to the top for keywords relevant to your business. More importantly, it allows you to target customers by location, ensuring you reach the right customers. This may take some time to do keyword research, but it the reward could be great. Also, Ad Words’ operates on a bidding payment plan, allowing you to set your budget and stick to it.

We are dedicated to building local businesses here at All American Wholesalers. If there are other ways you have succeeded in attracting local businesses we would love to hear about them to update this post. Let’s keep exposing American-made products!

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Hello, my name's nate

Introducing Nate Hoskins, our newest member to the All American team! Nate joined us earlier this year to take on the task of starting up our newest project, All American Wholesalers, Your online trade show for all American-Made products.

Nate graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a BS in Marketing in May of 2014 and came to us looking for a challenging marketing position. Born and raised in Lancaster County he shares our strong work ethics and values. We are delighted to have him with us and look forward to him taking All American Wholesalers to a level that will increase the availability, sales and appreciation of American made products everywhere.

Nate recently married his high school sweetheart, Tasha, and lives in Narvon, PA. His hobbies and other interests include tennis, snowboarding, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Nate will keep you up to date with American made products, news, and special offers through the All American Wholesalers Blog. Feel free to comment on his blogs or write to him directly with your thoughts and feedback.