Smucker's Woodcrafts LLC
New Holland | Pennsylvania

Vinyl and Wood Garden Bridges, Greenhouse Display Tables and Shelves

At Smucker's Woodcrafts we have been manufacturing quality vinyl and wood bridges since 1988. Quality has been our goal since the current owner, Dave Smucker's, father and brother started the company, and we continue to work very hard to uphold that reputation. Our wood bridges feature a smooth, sanded finish for weather resistance and durability, and our vinyl bridges are virtually maintenance free. Our bridges are also available with a sealer to increase longevity, or painted to match your customers' other home decor. Each bridge is handcrafted with selected cuts of #1 pressure-treated southern yellow pine. We have pre-made bridges with pre-determined heights, arches, and clearances for your convenience, and we can also customize them to fit your customers' specifications. 

Over the years we have begun to branch off from our specialty to manufacture other products to meet our dealers' needs. We recently began manufacturing a line of garden center display systems. These display tables and shelves provide a beautiful, durable way for garden centers to display their products. We bring that same passion for quality to these display systems. Units have removable legs for shipping and storage, and are stained with a sealer to protect from weather and from watering plants. We use the same pressure treated southern yellow pine we use on our bridges to ensure your display center lasts a lifetime. Also the materials are milled, rounded, and edge sanded with a smooth surface to prevent any splinters. We are also launching a line of covered bridges, giving any property an authentic Lancaster County feel. In 2016 we are branching out into the world of custom woodwork. Simply provide us with palns or an idea of your vision and we will turn that vision into reality!

Please contact us at the information above if you are interested in learning more about our products.  

Smucker's Woodcrafts Wooden Garden Bridge
Wooden Garden Bridge
Smucker's Woodcrafts Backyard Greenhouse
Backyard Greenhouse
Smucker's Woodcrafts Vinyl Garden Bridge
Vinyl Garden Bridge
Smucker's Woodcrafts Picnic Tables
Picnic Table with Additional Benches
Smucker's Woodcrafts Pergola
Wooden Three-Tiered Pergola
Smucker's Woodcrafts Cabana Trash Can Holder
Cabana Trash Can Holder
Smucker's Woodcrafts Picnic Table
Octagon and Children's Picnic Table
Smucker's Woodcrafts Hanging Basket Display Rack
Hanging Basket Display Rack
Smucker's Woodcrafts Garden Center Display Shelves
Garden Center Display Shelves
Smucker's Woodcrafts Flower Bed Bridge
Flower Bed Bridge
Smucker's Woodcraft Wood Garden Bridge
Wood Garden Bridge w/ Rope Railing
Smucker's Woodcraft Produce Table
Produce Table
Smucker's Woodcrafts Vinyl Garden Bridge
Vinyl Garden Bridge
Smucker's Woodcrafts Vinyl Picnic Table
Vinyl Picnic Table
Smucker's Woodcrafts Picnic Table
Wood Picnic Table w/ Metal Base
Smucker's Woodcrafts Garden Center Display System
Garden Center Display System
Smucker's Woodcraft Garden Center Sample Box
Garden Center Sample Box
Smucker's Woodcrafts Galvanized Display Table
Galvanized Display Table
Smucker's Woodcrafts Garden Box
Fenced Garden Boxes
Smucker's Woodcrafts Backyard Greenhouse
Backyard Greenhouse
Smucker's Woodcrafts Metal Greenhouse Display
Metal Greenhouse Display Tables
Smucker's Woodcrafts Adirondack Chairs
Adirondack Chairs
Smucker's Woodcrafts Garden Wagon
Rolling Delight Garden Wagon
Smucker's Woodcrafts Breezy Acres Rocking Chair
202 Fanback Rocking Chair
Smucker's Woodcrafts Breezy Acres Rocking Chair
300 Old Esquire Rocking Chair w/ 105 Accent Table
Smucker's Woodcrafts Breezy Acres Rocking Chair
302 Cottage Rocking Chair

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